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Wait, what? Die Antwoord's Ninja accused of 'trafficking

  1. Die Antwoord vs Zheani beef explained Australian rapper Zheani has taken to YouTube to release one of the darkest diss tracks you could wish to hear. In the clip, she accuses Ninja of attempting to..
  2. Die Anschuldigungen richten sich auch an die zweite Hälfte von Die Antwoord, Yolandi Visser (34), Ninjas Ex-Freundin. Ninja habe Yolandi beeinflusst, weshalb sie bei seiner «Masche» mitmache...
  3. But now, after years, Sparkes has officially filed a police report in Queensland alleging she is a victim of revenge porn and accusing Die Antwoord rapper and actor Watkin Tudor Jones, aka Ninja,..
  4. Shortly after they connected, Die Antwoord flew Zheani from Australia to Cape Town. A trip that allegedly resulted in Zheani being sexually assaulted by Jones after she was pressured to consume magic mushrooms in the wilderness with him. I was just in shock. I wouldn't discuss it, she said
  5. Zheani Sparkes, 26, had a months-long relationship with the performer, who sings for one of the world's most popular rap groups, Die Antwoord. She visited him in August 2013, but it ended badly..
  6. The Question Lyrics: You said you fucking picked me / 'Cause I looked like your daughter, Sixteen / You're disgusting, pedophile cunt / Hope you're glad that I'm finally gushing / Soft Private schoo
Zheani Sparkes Files Police Report Against Watkin Tudor

Zur Veröffentlichung über sieben Jahre nach dem Vorfall habe ihn ein Video der australischen Rapperin Zheani ermutigt. In ihrem 2019er Song The Question wirft sie dem Antwoord-Frontmann Ninja. Die Antwoord is part of the South African counterculture movement known as zef. For the band, du Toit goes by the stage name ¥o-Landi Vi$$er. She styled her hair into a bleach-blonde mullet at the start of the band, which was originally done to have an edge Die Antwoord (Afrikaans für Die Antwort) ist eine südafrikanische Rap-Rave-Band aus Kapstadt. Die Gruppe mischt musikalische Elemente des Rap, Drum & Bass und Elektro mit Texten zwischen Sozialkritik und Satire, geschrieben auf Afrikaans, Xhosa und Englisch

Vorwürfe an Die-Antwoord-Rapper: Führte Ninja

All I wanted was to move on with my life and leave their shit behind. I wanted to draw the line and finally speak the truth and stand up for myself. I can se.. After releasing The Question, Zheani has faced a cease-and-desist notice, from which she is not backing down. She has been harassed by countless Die Antwoord fans, either for outright not.. What's up everyone? Welcome back to another video. Today can be considered a part two to my last video on serious allegations made towards the south African.

We need to talk about what is happening with Die AntwoordZHEANI VS NINJA-DRAMA COMPLETO-1º PARTE Anita - YouTube

Die Antwoord (pronounced [di ˈantvuərt], Afrikaans for The Answer) is a South African hip hop group formed in Cape Town in 2008. The group comprises rappers Watkin Tudor Ninja Jones and Anri Yolandi Visser du Toit, a male/female duo, and producers HITEK5000 and Lil2Hood Watch to see what was behind Zheani's lyrical content that led Die Antwoord to demand she take down her song The Question. Watch Zheani's Music Video for.

Die Antwoord have MILLIONS of fans, Zheani was an unrecognisable name, only when I searched for her on instagram I found her account and ALL THE EVIDENCE, I realised that she has more evidence than Yolandi suggests. At the time I found her account she had around 80K followers, which sounds like a lot but when you put into perspective the fact that artists with millions of followers have. In the clip, Zheani also claims that Die Antwoord have sent her a cease and desist letter, threatening to sue for defamation over her claims. Meanwhile, 'The Question' doesn't only take aim at Die Antwoord member Ninja. Go Fuck yourself Yolandi, Zheani raps (Waktin Tudor Jones of Die Antwoord & Zheani Sparkes) Written by Roy Oro SCROLL DOWN FOR THE FULL UPDATE AND EVIDENCE Australian musician Zheani has dropped her highly anticipated project. Read More » City Morgue in Brooklyn: Punk is Alive Written by Noah Møtion Gonzo journalism is a style of journalism that is written without claims of objectivity, often including the reporter as part of. Zheani is an Australian rapper who recently made headlines by accusing Die Antwoord of abuse. Here's her storyFOLLOW OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST! https://spoti... Australian musician Zheani Sparkes is leading the sexual assault accusations against Die Antwoord after allegedly being raped by Watkin Tudor Jones in 2013, according to The Sydney Morning Herald

Earlier this year we broke the story of Aussie rapper Zheani Sparkes accusing South African band Die Antwoord (Ninja, in particular) of some pretty gross things. Last time we followed the story up, the band was relentlessly bullying the young girl from Brisbane, including sharing revenge porn images of her (a crime in Queensland, where Sparkes lives and Girl HQ is based) Zheani Sparkes, 26, has filed a police report in Queensland alleging she is a victim of revenge porn and accusing Die Antwoord rapper and actor Watkin Tudor Jones of sexually assaulting her in. Die Antwoord hit Zheani with a cease and desist order and soon after that she released a music video for 'The Question' - containing proof of all her allegations. A nasty online battle began that saw the duo publicly humiliate young Zheani - but the WhatsApp messages, emails and images she had saved between herself and Ninja are hard to ignore. The feud seemed to settle after some time. Stream Zheani;https://zheani.lnk.to/lieandlookINJust wanted to share some lighthearted, escapism before my new mixtape drops March 8 and reality gets heavy.. Die Antwoord's Yolandi Visser has broken her silence on the beef between the group and Australian artist Zheani, after the Australian artist apparently accused the group of trafficking her to SA

Zheani officially files police report accusing Die

Thousands of fans woke up to an email from Ticketmaster early in September informing them that South African hip-hop collective Die Antwoord's Sept. 24 show at Toyota Music Factory was still. Die Antwoord and Zheani. Thread starter seekinheart; Start date Apr 24, 2019; seekinheart Star . Joined May 15, 2017 Messages 1,387. Apr 24, 2019 #1 Dont know if you guys have heard of this but a great example of how sick the industry is. These guys are pretty creepy to begin with but if you take a look at this track. Pretty sick stuff, shes posted all the messages between them, he speaks.

Zheani pressing sexual assault charges against Ninja of

  1. Die Antwoord's former videographer also claimed to have a lot of dirt on the group and gave Du Toit an ultimatum during a recorded phone call - participate in his documentary to address their behaviour and apologise to Andy Butler and Zheani Sparkes.When Du Toit declined, Crossman released the videos including the recorded phone conversation between himself and Du Toit
  2. Australian rapper Zheani has accused Die Antwoord's Ninja of alleged ongoing abuse and misconduct in a new song called 'The Question'.. The song, which was recently uploaded to YouTube details a variety of instances in which Ninja allegedly threatened Zheani, trafficked her to South Africa to have sex with her due to her resemblance to his daughter, and shared sexually explicit images of.
  3. Zef hip hop duo, Die Antwoord has hit back at Australian musician, Zheani, who claims that the rappers trafficked her to South Africa Zheani aired the allegations in the form of a diss track last week. Up until last week many South Africans had never heard of Australian singer and model, Zheani
  4. Zheani Sparkes, 26, has filed a police report in Queensland alleging she is a victim of revenge porn and accusing Die Antwoord rapper and actor Watkin Tudor Jones of sexually assaulting her in South Africa six years ago. Australian musician Zheani Sparkes alleges she was sexually assaulted by Die Antwoord rapper Watkin Tudor Jone
  5. Mittlerweile hat sich Die Antwoord dazu geäußert und Zheani als Prostituierte bezeichnet, die einen Blog mit pornographischen Inhalten geführt hat. In ihrer Instagram Story zeigt Zheani einen alten Stand ihres Blogs, den man definitv nicht als das bezeichnen kann, womit DA ihn beschrieben hat. Natürlich könnte das auch wieder gefaked sein um Aufmerksamkeit zu erlangen. Nach dem Verhalten.

Australian singer Zheani's weird relationship with Die

Controversy Zheani Sparkes. In March 2019, Australian musician Zheani Sparkes released a diss track titled The Question detailing an alleged sexual assault on her by du Toit's Die Antwoord bandmate Watkin Tudor Jones in South Africa in 2013. Sparkes claimed that Jones drugged her and trafficked her to Africa, that he sent explicit photos of her to cast members of Chappie, and that he was. See more ideas about die antwoord, yolandi visser, die. Die Antwoord Collection by Abigail Quezada. 2.46k Pins • 42 Followers. I dont Pick sides. Zheani Sparkes Other Pins. Zheani Sparkes żʜᴇᴀɴɪ. on Instagram: i just wanna take a moment to wish all my 1993 babies a happy 25 this year! Today i'm celebrating for us all Holy shit the number 6,900 Likes, 173 Comments. 184.7k Followers, 456 Following, 90 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ᴢʜᴇᴀɴɪ (@askulloffoxes Internationale Bekanntheit erlangte sie als Teil von Watkin Tudor Jones' Rap-Rave-Formation Die Antwoord. In den ersten Jahren ihrer musikalischen Karriere war sie auch unter dem Pseudonym Anica The Snuffling bekannt. Visser im Jahr 2010. Yolandi Visser. Yolandi Visser bei einem Auftritt mit der Formation Die Antwoord am 2. Oktober 2009 in Pretoria. Yolandi Visser bei einem Auftritt mit der. Die Antwoord offered its own response to Em's name-drop soon after, with group member Yolandi Visser asking how Eminem would like it if they purposely mispronounced his name for cheap insults


Die Antwoord besteht aus den Mitgliedern Ninja (Rap/Gesang), Yolandi Visser (Rap/Gesang) und DJ Hi-Tek (Beats/DJing). Frontmann Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones) war in Südafrika schon seit den 90er Jahren ein bekannter Künstler, Musiker und Produzent und wechselte in der Vergangenheit mehrfach seine Bühnencharaktere Zheani is an Australia based rapper, model, and actress. Most popularly known for her rapping skills, she had a huge interest in working in movies. Later on, she found herself as a music artist and dived into the music industry. Now she is a well-renowned rapper with a huge fan base

What Happened with Zheani and Die Antwoord?! – All Metal

On March 12th, Zheani updated her Instagram stories to include a photo of herself getting a tattoo Ninja gave her removed (shown below, left) and a cease and desist letter from Die Antwoord's lawyers (shown below, right). On March 18th, Zheani released a music video containing evidential screenshots (shown below). The video gained 380,000 views. 954 members in the Zheani community. Practicing Occultist, Artist and Rapper from Australia Skip to content. Home; Diary; Music; Videos; Live; Shop | Home; Diary; Music; Videos; Live; Shop DIE Antwoord fans. 2,779 likes · 3 talking about this. South African rap-rave / rap-freak group Die Antwoord fans page La rapera australiana Zheani acusa a Ninja de Die Antwoord de abusador sexual y más atrocidades en diss track Zheani lo acusa de haberla secuestrado, intimidado, torturado para un ritual satánico y mostrar imágenes privadas sin su consentimiento

Zheani - The Question Lyrics Genius Lyric

CONTENT WARNING: The following article references allegations of abuse. If you or someone you know is having a hard time, resources are always available to you at thehotline.org or at 1-800-799-7233. Over the past few weeks, allegations have been flying between South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord and Australian hip-hop artist Zheani Sparkes It is also revealed that Die Antwoord have sent Zheani a Cease & Desist letter, threatening to sue her for defamation. Die Antwoord's Yolandi Visser has made two lengthy statements on Instagram titled 'Clout Chaser', in which she denies any truth to Zheani's statements. View this post on Instagram . CLOUT CHASER part 1 It has come to my attention that a DA fan girl called ZHEANI has. zheani die antwoord. Leopard Seebär & Co Neue Folgen The Stand Im Zuge der Digitalisierung werden vermehrt digitale Technologien in klassische Handarbeitsplätze integriert. Die memex GmbH. Amy Schumer würde nach der Corona-Pandemie jedem das Mikrofon ins Gesicht schmeißen, der bei ihren zukünftigen 1.1m Followers, 0 Following, 192 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @dieantwoord

Before assuming the roles of Ninja and Yo-Landi for Die Antwoord, the two were involved with satirical projects like MaxNormal.TV-- which saw them wearing three-piece business suits and delivering motivational hip-hop -- and the Constructus Corporation: a hip-hop fantasy group based around a comic book called the Ziggurat. The idea for a more vulgar rave-rap group began in 2008, but it wasn. Die Antwoord have been taken off the line-up for Louder Than Life festival in Kentucky and reportedly Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas since the video surfaced, although neither festival has explicitly confirmed the video as the reason the act have been removed from the bill.. Ninja has since responded to the incident on Die Antworord's Facebook page, claiming: Ben has cleverly edited this. Jan 1, 2019 - Zheani Sparkes ; instagram - @askulloffoxe

Zheani officially files police report accusing Die Antwoord singer Ninja of sexual assault The controversy between Australian musician Zheani Sparkes and Die Antwoord singer Ninja go back... Fri 20th September 9 PM. Zheani releases single and music video for LULU Whether you're a music video fanatic, or a casual peruser of YouTube in general, you have most l... Fri 6th September 10 PM. Watkin Tudor Jones (* 26.September 1974 in Johannesburg, Südafrika), besser bekannt als Ninja (oder auch als Max Normal, Waddy Jones oder MC Totally Rad), ist ein südafrikanischer Musiker, Musikproduzent, Performer, Konzept- und Medienkünstler sowie Schauspieler.Internationale Bekanntheit erlangte er mit seiner Rap-Rave-Formation Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord with dj hi-tek | Die antwoord, Summer

Name Anbieter Zweck Ablauf; _ga: aberle-gmbh.de: Registriert eine eindeutige ID, die verwendet wird, um statistische Daten dazu, wie der Besucher die Website nutzt, zu generieren Jun 26, 2020 - Explore Toki Richards's board Zheani on Pinterest. See more ideas about wife material, hair, face tattoos Australian singer Zheani Sparkes has filed a police report against Die Antwoord's Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones). According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the 26-year-old is leading accusations of.

Where Die Antwoord was in the wrong: Ninja shouldn't have sent explicit photos of Zheani to Neill Blomkamp. They should not have distributed her private paid explicit content to the public in their response. They should not have issued a cease and desist, because it blew everything up and made it worse for everyone involved Die Antwoord rapper Ninja, real name Watkin Tudor Jones, has denied sexual assault claims made against him by Australian singer Zheani Sparkes What Happened with Zheani and Die Antwoord?! All Metal Everything March 11, 2019 (Waktin Tudor Jones of Die Antwoord & Zheani Sparkes) Written by Roy Oro SCROLL DOWN FOR THE FULL UPDATE AND EVIDENCE Australian musician Zheani has dropped her highly anticipated project The Line

Die Antwoord's Ninja has finally made a statement about those Zheani accusations. As a standalone video, his story makes perfect sense. Zheani was a fan, she reached out when he and Yo-landi split, he thought she [ I'm a huge DA fan and I'm not really sure who zheani is so I am slightly biased, but I would be pretty evil if I still supported them if the allegations are true. I was really wanting to hear your guys insight on it, any proof you've heard, because I will be heartbroken if any of it is true. PLEASE be civil. I know we all love them, but I'm not attacking them, I just want to know what.

Homophobe Attacke?: Festivals feuern Die Antwoord - laut

More about: Die Antwoord Die Antwoord's Ninja is setting the record straight regarding some rumours that have been spreading about his time on set filming CHAPPiE, including that he showed girls a.. A video currently circulating on the internet is casting massive hip-hop group Die Antwoord in an unflattering light, earning them fresh accusations of racism (an allegation they have faced before.

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Zheani - Skin Walker OUT NOW. zheani.lnk.to/skinwa... 41. 5 comments. share. save. 34. Posted by 4 months ago. I love you Zheani. Just wanted to send Love :-* 34. 1 comment. share. save. 18. Posted by 6 months ago. Archived. Discord community for trappin fairies <3. hey there! i decided to create a discord server where we can all connect! i truly believe that Z fans are some of the raddest. The Line is an EP by Zheani released March 8, 2019. The EP is quite the controversial one for the final track, The Question.The track talks about Yolandi Visser and Ninja of Die Antwoord's. Zheani exposes Die Antwoord with disturbing screenshots Archived. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Zheani exposes Die Antwoord with disturbing screenshots. See a recent post on Tumblr from @decompositie about zheani. Discover more posts about music, and zheani. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. decompositie. Follow. ZHEANI #zheani #zheani sparkes #guhughugh #zheani release new music challenfge!!! #my art #i never post drawigns on here kjfgh but w/e ig. 5 notes. gecmiszamankedileri. Follow #90s #aesthetic #grunge #indie #alternative #dark #zheani #.

Find the perfect Die Antwoord stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Die Antwoord of the highest quality The Question, (Die Antwoord translates as 'The Answer' in Afrikaans,) is a blatant diss track released by Zheani in 2019 pointed at Ninja of Die Antwoord for his incestuous tendencies, the sexual assault she endured from him, as well as at Yolandi Visser who was knowledgeable and complicit in the grooming of Zheani and other fans. Yolandi reached out to the Aussie artist via Instagram in.

Die Antwoord - Wikipedi

People who like Zheani might also like these artists. The closer two names are, the greater the probability people will like both artists. Click on any name to travel along Another day, another rap artist steps forward to address Eminem's diss on his new album Kamikaze. This time, step forward South African hip hop duo Die Antwoord. Kamikaze isn't the.. Ninja (real name Watkin Tudor Jones) of Die Antwoord responded with a statement defending the duo's acts as retaliation for harrassment, prompting Ben Crossman, the cameraman who recorded the clip,.. High quality Zheani gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Aussie rapper Zheani made headlines earlier this year for a beef with popular South Africa group Die Antwoord, but returns to form with a brand new single and music video called LULU.. Named.


Comment by zheani. Fuck censorship. 2019-05-01T02:50:56Z Comment by zheani. @ember-rose-549497906 THE LINE ep has been deleted twice off Spotify because Die Antwoord has had their fancy lawyers strong arm my distributors on 2 seperate occasions. It has been censored. Working at fixing this. 2019-05-01T02:50:41Z Comment by shibasig Used to like Die Antwoord until Zheani opened up about being taken advantage of by Ninja. Check out the music video The Question. Actions. Reply; 9 votes. 8 votes. ausername7 6 Jul 2019, 7:59am 80 maximum IQ requirement to enjoy die antwoord Actions. Reply; 14 votes. 13 votes. Replies. A_R_A_M_S 20 Aug 2019, 8:24am >Lil Peep ad Drake in top artists. Zheani discography and songs: Music profile for Zheani. Genres: Trap, Trap Metal, Cloud Rap. Albums include Little Baby B!tch, The Line, and Satanic Prostitute Create. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Live Streaming. Broadcast your events with reliable, high-quality live streaming A year ago, City Press put out a story detailing Ninja and Yolandi's alleged on-set antics, but at the time the story was rubbished by several spokespeople. In the light of Auret's most recent admission though, things may have been a lot closer to the truth than we may have thought. In the original story, City Press confirmed Die Antwoord's behaviour with six other members of the cast.

The controversy between Australian musician Zheani Sparkes and Die Antwoord singer Ninja go back... Fri 20th September 9 PM. Zheani releases single and music video for LULU Whether you're a music video fanatic, or a casual peruser of YouTube in general, you have most l... Fri 6th September 10 PM. Die Antwoord dropped from festival lineups after 2012 video resurfaces The Die Antwoord. Die Antwoord besteht aus den Mitgliedern Ninja (Rap/Gesang), Yolandi Visser (Rap/Gesang) und DJ Hi-Tek (Beats/DJing). Frontmann Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones) war in Südafrika schon seit den 90er Jahren ein bekannter Künstler, Musiker und Produzent und wechselte in der Vergangenheit mehrfach seine Bühnencharaktere.Er war unter anderem unter dem Pseudonym Max Normal bei der Gruppe MaxNormal.TV. Aug 12, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Giulia Marmeggi. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Die Antwoord. Zheani Sparkes. Saved by Giulia Marmeggi. 24. Die Antwoord. Jul 7, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by fairy. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

We need to talk about what is happening with Die Antwoord

Music-Map Zheani Was hören Menschen, die Zheani mögen sonst noch? Je näher sich zwei Interpreten sind, desto wahrscheinlicher ist eine Überschneidung bei der Beliebtheit Jan 25, 2021 - Explore chloe's board Zheani on Pinterest. See more ideas about wife material, grace neutral, pretty people Tags: hitek5000, lil2hood, zef seite sterben antwoord, die antwoord zef seite, zef nebenmusik, zef nebenlied, zef seite texte, leon botha, zheani, dita von teese. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Die Antwoord in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt. Alle Bestellungen sind Sonderanfertigungen und werden meist innerhalb von 24 Stunden versendet Reutlingen Mit Kindern, Die Trapp Familie - Ein Leben Für Die Musik Stream, Traumatica 2020 Corona, Die Antwoord Zheani, Telefonnummer Amt Boizenburg, Romantische Ausflüge Sachsen-anhalt, Bad Salzungen Nach Erfurt, Schreibe einen Kommentar Antworten abbrechen. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Erforderliche Felder sind mit * markiert. Kommentar. Name * E-Mail * Website.

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